About Crystal Grid Mandalas
About Crystal Grid Mandalas

Not everybody feels the  effect of a Mandala immediately. Sometimes it takes a few hours or days, before you can feel a positive change. The Mandala always works in many different ways, also even if you are not directly aware of it. To receive the best benefit, it is important to take the time to deeply connect with the Mandala, by contemplating it, feeling into it. To allow it to interact with you, to become one with it. It is in fact a reflection of your own being on all levels.  And you will be surprised about the depth and levels of your inner being and awareness that the Mandala will gently  reveal to you.  Forgotten content may come up, feelings, emotions. They only arise to be released. The Mandala works in a benign way that is always harmonizing, releasing and healing. Often also very subtle. In this process the unconscious becomes conscious and is replaced by the emergence of your pure Self.

Personal transformation and healing is a process that involves our whole being on all levels. It requires us to participate in a conscious process. Suppressed  content  that comes to the surface may have caused blockages that result sometimes in dis-ease. Your Mandala can help you to dissolve these blockages and re-enable the free flow of energy, so that healing can occur and very old issues can be resolved. This is a blessing! The fact that you have chosen to work with a Crystal Grid Mandala tells you, that the time has come when these things can be easily dissolved in the current of your rising consciousness: you return back home. As if a river enters after a long journey the waters of the infinite Ocean.

However none of the above may happen! Often, especially in the beginning, when you work with a Mandala, it just raises your energy level and light quotient, activates your light body and immerses you in Bliss, Happiness and Peace. There is a higher intelligence at work that governs the process, exactly as you need it, and you can trust it, because this intelligence is your own Higher Self.

Many Blessings!


With their high energy level they harmonize and empower body, mind and soul. They center us and bestow inner peace.
They are tools for a Divine Creation and can be used for many  purposes. They can support not only the personal process of healing and transformation, but they can also harmonize negative radiation effects and energize your living area. Through their unique beauty and harmony they are a pleasure and inspiration to look at, as they restore the original Divine structure.

Crystal Grid Mandalas are based on the cosmic life-code - the Fibonacci Sequence, the universal Code for all life on Planet Earth. Their geometrical forms are representing the language of light. The Fibonacci Sequence is based on the Golden Ratio, and is found everywhere in nature, architecture, music and the arts. From words, terms and data, etc., a geometric matrix of numbers is being created. Each number is associated with a color, and so the patterns of a Mandala are being created.

There are many more ways how to describe the subtle working of the Mandalas, depending on our point of view:

  • Because we are carrier of cosmic codes, the language of light, made visible by means of a Mandala, activates the spiritual code in our DNA.  This helps us to return to our true Divine Being.
  • As the Mandalas  carry and convey  Divine information, they are Divine thoughts brought into form, - a manifestation of the spirit. Their forms and colors  create/mirror perfectly inner and outer states. They are able to override or replace negative unconscious content with a positive intent that is naturally a function of Divine Order. 
  • In other words, the Mandalas bring us into resonance with the Divine Order, because this Order is coded in each of our body cells. And so they are able to set a process of healing and harmonization into motion.
  • The light language of the Mandalas stimulates the pineal gland and connects and balances the right and left brain.
  • This restores the domain of Love and of Light in our very being, as they are  connecting the higher dimensional,  subtle plains with the   three-dimensional body.
  • Blockages in the subtle  body can be dissolved and life energy can freely flow again through the physical body.

When you meditate on a Crystal Grid Mandala, empty yourself first and be free of expectation, want and need. Only be present and allow heart-resonance. If you do this and tune in with it, its information of light resonates with all the levels of your being, that are presently receptive to it. This raises your consciousness and light quotient, which you can often feel as currents of light in your body. Meditation on a Mandala leads you back to your original state of Oneness.
And when this happens, amazing effects can occur in your consciousness - from holistic healing to enlightenment. Everything is possible.

Additionally, Crystal Grid Mandalas are also used in the field of Energy Medicine.

As they radiate only positive energies and balance Yin and Yang, they can harmonize negative frequencies, geopathic interference zones, mobile phones, etc.

Darkfield Microscopy proved that Crystal Grid Mandalas are able to dissolve the agglutination of red blood cells.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the work with the Cyrstal Grid Mandalas does not replace your visit to the doctor. Do not stop any treatment and medication and always ask your doctor or health practitioner for medical advise.

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