How to apply Crystal Grid Mandalas
How to apply Crystal Grid Mandalas
With the tool of Crystal Grid Mandalas,  every ordinary language that describes a state, a state of being, a thought, an emotion, an object, a desire, etc. can be transformed into Divine Language or the language of Light. Thereby the Mandala that is created with it becomes the  means for Healing and Transformation. Misconceptions, programs and ideas,  that have separated us from our original Divine Consciousness and Awareness, are being purified, the true purpose is energized and we are re-aligned with the Divine Plan. We can experience our deeper Self and true Essence.

In that way, while utilizing anything in our life, we can deify every thought, every idea, every wish and realign them with the Divine.  And so our creations become Divine.

Experience has shown that the Mandalas help to release doubt and unconscious
negative programs which prevent the realization of your request.
Furthermore you will notice that you become present in your heart with the
necessary disposition for manifestation: gratitude, certainty, self-confidence, joy and love.

Water Glass  Method
Put a glass of water on a Crystal Grid Mandala that is for water purificaton and energization.
I personally have tested many methods to purify and energize water, but none of them induced such a high frequency and good taste!
As our body is about 80% water, your whole system will feel immediately highly energized and your aura expands.
Your pets and plants will also enjoy this lively water.

You can also put a  glass of water on a Mandala with a different purpose, e.g. an emotional, mental or spiritual issue, or an affirmation, and drink the water.
The message will inform, energize and balance all the liquids of your body, the organs and the cells. 
Or put a glass of water on a Mandala that carries the information  of a flower or homeopathic remedy, and drink it. It has the same effect as taking a remedy, prescribed by your practitioner.
Remedies that you most likely will need on a regular basis, are optimal, such as the flower remedy "Rescue Remedy" or a homeopathic potency of "Arnica".
The possibilities are endless. Follow  your intuition.

Carry the Mandala with you
The Mandala should be turned towards the body. Put it in your pocket, or hang it around your neck in a little pouch.
Try Mandalas for learning, for  your back and joints, menopause, a  cold, stopping smoking, and much more,...
Use them to protect and/or energize your energy field, and when you feel tired ... or to prevent jet lag.

Put it in your bed
directly underneath the sheet, approximately where your heart region is.
Protect it from  crinkling by wrapping it in a small towel, etc.
Example: Mandalas for deep relaxing sleep, rejuvenation,  strenghtening the immune system, and much more ...

Put it in your wallet,
in  your  check book, your diary, your bills, contracts. ....
Carry it with you when you have  important financial negotiations. ...,
Mandala Subject: Money Magnet, Wealth, Financial Luck,...

Put it in your mobile phone, attach it  to your computer, TV, etc.
The image should be facing the source of radiation ...

Use it, to purify and energize food and medication
Put it underneath the fruit bowl, or put any food on it that you are going to prepare ...
Attach it inside the door of  the food cupboard or put it into the fridge.
Food will stay much longer fresh!

To help with study:
drink the water that has been informed  with the respective theme, or carry the Mandala on your body ...
Examples: study, balance of  left and  right brain, high ability to  concentrate, fun with learning, etc.

Put it in our electricity box:
Example: Neutralize Electrosmog, Smart Meter, Low Radio Frequencies

A treat for yourself - or a gift for your loved ones:
Surprise them with a personal Birth-Mandala.
The Birth Mandala is very special. Try it! An encounter with yourself!  Did you fulfill what you came here for?
Do you remember yourself, your purity and who you are in your deepest heart?

Harmonize geopathic disturbances in your bed room
Attach the Mandala to the slatted base with the image pointing above ..
In servere geopathic stress use A3 format.

Energize your living room or your office:
hang a poster on the wall, it will be an attraction for the eye, because of its beauty and high energy.
Your room/office will feel energized and much lighter, clearer and warmer ...