Crystal Grid Mandalas -  General Themes
Crystal Grid Mandalas -  General Themes
Some Crystal Grid Mandalas are for general use.
Meaning that the theme is not connected to your name and date of birth. They are used mainly to purify and energize.
They serve general healing and blessing of humanity and the planet and everything else.


  • Water (purify and highly energize your water)
  • Food  (purify and highly energize your food)
  • Computer, WiFi, TV, Mobile Phone, Wireless phone, EMF, Smartmeters, Microwaves, Scalar waves  (Neutralize radiation)
  • Feng Shui, all themes (empower your office or private living space)
  • Living  Space (beautify, purify and energize your  rooms with a poster)
  • Bed room (create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation)
  • Geopathic interference (neutralize dangerous radiation and low frequencies)
  • Blessing for Mother Earth (program a rock with a Mandala)
  • Healing of Mother Earth (program a crystal with the healing energy of a Mandala, and place it in a river)
  • May all beings be happy! (Put a Mandala in a public area)
  • May humanity be healed! (Put a Mandala in your healing office, in a clinic, etc.)
  • and much more ...                 

Mandala for Water - transforms your drinking water into a power bomb!
  • Harmonizes toxic frequencies and harmful information in the water.
  • Empowers water with 60.000 Bovis

Mandala, to neutralize, purify and empower everything else!
  • Harmonizes toxic frequencies and harmful information of anything, you put on it
  • Empowers anything and everything with 100.000 Bovis

This Mandala purifies and empowers anything from food, cosmetics, medication (not homeopathy!), to clothing, jewelry and other things.