Crystal Grid Mandala Shop
Crystal Grid Mandala Shop
The Mandalas will be emailed to you. This gives you the opportunity to print out as many copies and sizes as you wish for your personal use.

  1. Your name (the one you want to use for your Mandala,  e.g. for affirmations).
  2. Your birth date details (year, day, hour, minute, place), Most Mandalas come personalized. This is especially powerful!
  3. The word(s), or  sentence or affirmation from which you want your Mandala being created. You can use letters and numbers, comma, full stop and hyphen The sentence must be precise and clear. Remember, the unconscious does not  recognize "no" or "not".  Say exactly what you want, and not, what you don't want!
  4. The size of your Mandala (small, medium, poster). The image of  the Mandala  is very detailed and pixelated. The sharper and more exact your print, the better the effect.
  5. Your email address



Legal Notice:
The Mandalas are copyright and  for your private use only. With your order and payment you agree, not to  publish or to sell them to third parties.
Violation of this agreement is not permitted.


General Themes:
1000 x 1000 pixels (for small prints):       EURO  25.00
4000 x 4000 pixels (for medium prints):   EURO  32.00
7000 x 7000 pixels (for poster prints) :    EURO  40.00

Personal Themes:
1000 x 1000 pixels (for small prints):       EURO 35.00
4000 x 4000 pixels (for medium prints):   EURO 42.00
7000 x 7000 pixels (for poster prints) :    EURO 50.00

Discount for multiple themes:
3 different general themes: 
small:         EURO  60.00
medium:    EURO  80.00
large:        EURO 100.00

3 different  personal themes:
small:         EURO   95.00
medium:     EURO 110.00
large:         EURO 135.00

For special orders, please contact me!
Payment methods:
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer
Please email me  the details for your mandala(s) - see above-  , and I will send you my payment details. Thank you.

The Mandala(s) will be sent to you via email as soon as your payment has arrived in my account.

Please contact me, if you do not have
the opportunity to print and laminate
your mandala yourself.
I  can do it for you. Extra charges apply
and depend on the size.
SPECIALS (more details here)

Power Mandala for Filtered Water
small:  9x9 cm          EURO 65.00
large:  A4                 EURO 99.00

Power Mandala for Tap Water
small:  9x9 cm          EURO   75.00
large:  A4                 EURO 110.00

The Power Water Mandalas purify your water and transform it into a power bomb!
The Mandala for tap water additionally improves the taste.
They come to you laminated, includes handling and shipping.

Power Mandala for Everything 
small: ca 12x12cm      EURO  75.00
Large: A4                  EURO 110.00

Neutralizes, purifies and empowers everything else but water!
Comes to you laminated, includes handling and shipping.

Each of these Mandalas are additionally encoded with Holographic Tools before I send them to you.