Crystal Grid Mandalas -  Testimonial
Crystal Grid Mandalas -  Testimonials
Anita G. (QLD): I am surprised how the mandalas work! We have the smartmeter installed and since then the kids had problems concentrating and learning became more difficult for them. So I thought I try a mandala and put one poster in the kid's room and one poster in our living room.
And the effect is amazing! Not only the kids are back to normal, but also I feel much more calm. I am all day home. And now I know why I started to feel so nervous recently. It also feels as if the rooms where the mandalas are have become brighter! ... Thank you!
Peter B. (USA) I tried the water mandala. Thank you, they are really great. The water doesn't only taste  better, but it is so loaded with power that I was bursting with energy after my first cup!
Linda W. (UK): I am very surprised what the mandalas do! I must say, I was very sceptical, but thought, I will test them. I bought a package of 3 (for water, for my heart problem and one to put next to my computer). The water mandala seems to work great, I feel like drinking more water! On the computer I feel definitely more relaxed and calm. Regarding the mandala for the heart: This is interesting! First I started to get a deeper feeling what this problem is about, emotionally! Slowly, while I was looking at the mandala, I  could remember what I felt as a child when painful things happened. The mandala is helping me to become more conscious about what I really feel. And then I experienced a kind of release of the feeling, as if healing energy was flowing. Very unusual .... . I am impressed!
Debby F. (Malaysia) Thank you for the mandala! It really works for me! Something is different! I don't know yet what it is though ...
Sandra U. (USA): I can't stop looking at my mandala! I feel just so much energized! This is  absolutely amazing! Yes, it is really blissful, no doubt! I would recommend these mandalas  to everybody. They are so strong! Thank you, thank you!
Bill R. (VIC): I sleep much better now and wake up relaxed in the morning. Unbelievable what this mandala does. I also meditate with it and it has an effect on me, I seem to come more in contact with myself. Thanks!
Fiona B.( Australia) ... Great that I can now create my own homeopathic remedy with the help of my mandala! This is very handy!
Ulf J. (Germany): THAAAANK you from my heart! I really can feel how the light of my personal Mandala is pouring from the innermost heart space, when I contemplate it ...I also feel that is is an enormous protection against the low vibrating frequencies from my neighborhood, because it is raising my own energies.
Broke L. (USA) I absolutely love this. It's a POW to all your power points, like a visual shiatsu.
Lidia M. (Australia) The Power Mandala is astonishing!! A friend of mine gave me the left over of my favorite dish (so yummie!!) to take it home after a party. But when I tasted it at home, it had already started to taste sour!  In my disappointment I put it over night on the Power Mandala. The next day the sour taste was completely gone and the dish tasted very fresh! If this is not a miracle, I thought!
L.G. (Netherlands)

I really love the affirmation you used for the Radiation Protection Mandala, wow!
It feels very powerful and I feel the mandala changing my energy/energy field when I only look at it!

With the water of the Water Power mandala, I can not feel the energy infuse my body immediately, but I indeed feel much better drinking it! I also like drinking this water very much, it is very easy to drink enough water now! (I had a bit of an aversion against drinking "normal" water, difficult to drink enough water)

When I put water from the power mandala on the radiation protection mandala, it feels very powerful when I drink it and I feel the changes immediately.

Yesterday evening I meditated with the radiation protection mandala. This was very powerful, a very high frequency, and I could  feel how my aura was building stronger and stronger.

Last night I slept on it. First I tried sleeping on both mandala's (also the Money Magnet Mandala) but that turned out to be a bit much to sleep on.. ;-)  So I changed it back in only the radiation protection mandala, and I slept really good on it! It seemed to be a deeper and more quiet sleep.

Right now a crystal is being charged on it....
I also have a big white quarts crystal in my living room which I also want to place on the radiation mandala.
So lots of opportunities, and nice to explore them all.. :-)

Yesterday I also meditated on the Money Magnet Mandala.
That was very powerful also. It felt like abundance (in any way, not just money) was there waiting to come to me, as soon as I am able to receive it. I was a bit surprised by the kind of sparkling joyfulness I felt with it :-)
It made me feel happy, and made me feel worth to receive this abundance.  I'm very curious to work with it!